11146588_879139872123639_7139273245233391582_oDatura Online has been updated with Intermediate ATS® and the brand new Intermediate ATS® Improv Drill Game!  Also, zil drills, sword work and Tribal Style classes with Colette!

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This resource for high quality online belly dance, yoga, and pilates classes included classes with Colette, featuring Scarlet Thistle signature  moves and ATS® instruction.  Beginning level instruction gets you ready for class and provides great drills and practice between classes.  Currently offering beginning and intermediate movements, formations, zils and improv drill games!

Streamed directly to you from Rachel Brice’s Datura Studio, choose classes that fit your schedule or budget, and take them anywhere you have internet.  Classes with Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Sedona Soulfire, Amy Sigil of Umanta, Henna, Tamalyn Dalal, and Zoe Jakes also available….more instructors and additional classes added ALL THE TIME!