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“In the same way the gentle rays of sun wake the blossoms and encourage them to unfold blooming to their full potential, Colette awakens the dancer inside each individual.  Gently, warmly, and intuitively embracing their  needs to nurture the dancer inside…she is uber cool and amazing and helped make me what I am today”

Kristine Adams, FatChanceBellyDance®

“to all my fellow dancers…If you have not taken Colette’s worksho yet, make a point to attend in the future.  I am so amazed at how much I learned in two 2-hour workshops.  She is thorough and detailed and the energy she fills the room with makes one want to dance their heart out.  And, for the love of all that is Holy, watch her perform in person!  She filled the room with magic.  Yep, she is my new dance hero.”

Genee Jo Baker, Dancer & Artist

“Colette was my first ATS® teacher at the FatChanceBellyDance® studio.  At the time, she was several months pregnant, and seeing her dance so artfully and pwerfully was a stunning illustration of the grace, beauty, and history of belly dance…Not only is Colette patient, caring, and specific in her teaching, but her confidence, elegance, and warmth fully demonstrate the cooperative beauty of ATS®, and her artistry infuses lift into improvisation as well as choreography.”

Leigh Anne, Al-hambra Tribal Dance

“To warm you up, Colette has you do slow, deliberate high steps…The real goodness is in the ab exercises.  I looooved this bit.  It’s short and sweet, but involves doing four different kinds of pilates ab exercises…It targeted the obliques and the lower abs too…fun to do, and easy to work into a bellydance practice.”

Atisheh:  Dance and Fitness News and Reviews, on Colette’s DaturaOnline Warm Up.

“If you need to balance out a tight back or want to increase core strength and endurance all over, do this:  Datura Online – Ab Warm Up + Conditioning: #1 by Colette.  It’s a genius warm up.  No lie.  Quick, easy and on fire.”

Julie Watters, Artist & Trainer

Links to friends, favorites, & inspiration

  • FatChanceBellyDance® – my teachers and the originators of American Tribal Style® Belly Dance
  • Rachel Brice – Little Scarab – Studio Datura:  my home away from home
  • Datura Online – classes anytime, anywhere, 24.7.  Online instruction with some of the best delly dance instructors
  • JamBallah Northwest – Portland’s premier bellydance and fusion festival
  • Cues & Tattoos – Seattle festival celebrating improvised choreography
  • Mira Betz – wonderful dancer and teacher….a Scarlet Thistle favorite
  • Luciterra – fusion bellydance power quartet from Vancouver B.B.
  • Portland Bellydance Guild – Uniting Performers, Musicians & Artisans Inspired by the Middle Eastern Arts
  • – The Art of Middle Eastern Dance